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COVID-19 resources for you and your business

As the number of reported cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to rise, employers are increasingly confronted with the possibility of an outbreak in the workplace. Employers are obligated to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for their employees, but are also subject to a number of legal requirements protecting workers.

Download these assets to learn what you can do to protect your employees and yourself.

General information

Crisis Response Resource Contact Info
View the Contact Information HERE
COVID-19 Fact Sheet
Download the full PDF HERE
What To Do If You're Sick with COVID-19
Download the full PDF HERE
Get Your Home Ready for COVID-19
Visit the CDC Website HERE
How to Talk to Kids About COVID-19
Read the Article HERE
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Coronavirus Response Toolkit
Access the Resources Here

Business information

Coronavirus Small Business Loan Guide
Read the Article HERE
Understanding the Stimulus Package
Read the Article HERE
SBA Disaster Assistance Program
Access the SBA Website HERE
Coronavirus Loan Overview
Read the Article HERE
Protecting Against Cyber Crime During COVID-19
Download the full PDF HERE
Cyber Risks & Liabilities
Download the full PDF HERE
Nebraska DOL Short-Time Compensation
Visit the Nebraska DOL Website HERE
COVID-19 Resources for Businesses
Access the Resources Here
Business Interruption Policies and Coronavirus
Read the Article HERE

human resources information

House Passes Coronavirus Relief Bill
Download the full PDF HERE
Protecting Workers from Coronavirus
Download the full PDF HERE
Coronavirus HR Compliance Bulletin
Download the full PDF HERE
Bill Requiring Paid Employee Leave Signed Into Law
Download the full PDF HERE
Best Practices for Coronavirus Work from Home Scenarios
Read the Article HERE
Families First Coronacirus Act - Q&A
Download the full PDF HERE
Employee Compensation During Closures and Furloughs
Download the full PDF HERE

Safetey & osha information

How Coronavirus Could Impact Your Business Insurance
Download the full PDF HERE
OSHA Guidance on COVID-19
Download the full PDF HERE
OSHA Guidance on Preparing
Workplaces for COVID-19
Download the full PDF HERE

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