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ENcore Training Center


The Ellerbrock-Norris ENCORE Training Center makes it easier than ever for you to provide the training courses you need to promote a safe and compliant workplace.

Why consider the ENCORE Education Training Center:

Do you have a Learning Management System (LMS) that enables you to easily train and onboard employees?
Does your LMS contain all of the courses needed to prevent lawsuits, workers’ compensation claims and government fines?
Are your current training methods professionally produced and interactive?

The ENCORE Training Center is mobile ready, so learners can complete training courses anytime, anywhere!

Set up employees in minutes
More than 200 training courses available, including sexual harassment prevention and workplace safety courses
Provide separate courses to employees, managers or other groups you create
Easy-to-use dashboard allows for simple tracking of employee course completion
System issues certificates of completion per course for each employee

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