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Building A Process, Not Buying A Product

Health & Wellness


What Challenges Do You Face?

Ellerbrock-Norris understands that one of the biggest challenges in most businesses today is finding and retaining talented employees.  We also realize that navigating individual healthcare strategies can be overwhelming.  For this reason, Ellerbrock-Norris Health and Wellness focuses on building strategies for businesses and families to navigate through these waters.

Where Do We Come In?

For your small business or personal life, our team has every solution. Ellerbrock-Norris offers individual and group health insurance plans from multiple insurance companies nationwide. We will work to combine the health insurance platform with all the other benefits into one strategy to achieve your goals.  The platform could have a variety of plan designs including PPO, POS, HDHP plans that work best when matched up with an HSA account, and many more.    

Our goal is to take a strategic approach to each client’s organization and develop solutions based on data, analytics & execution.

What does that mean?
- Immediate strategies positively enhancing employee culture.
- Creating a platform to measure program adherence and identify areas of opportunity.
- Placing an executive team back in the driver’s seat to manage company expenses.
- Developing your ENCORE Success Program and maintaining it throughout the year.


How Do We Achieve This?

Through our joint venture with GDP Advisors out of McKinney, TX, we are able to offer strategic and innovative healthcare options that fit your needs. Together, we use data and research to stay on the cutting edge of healthcare and bring the best and most unique strategies to our clients.

We work closely together to bring clients the highest quality and most affordable plans. Holistic review of your company profile through our proprietary ENCORE Success Program and identifying areas of insurable and uninsurable risks.

We place companies in an appropriate program to create:
- Immediate strategies positively enhancing employee culture
- Create a platform to measure program adherence and identify areas of opportunity
- Place an executive team back in the driver’s seat managing their company expenses

Meet Our Chief Strategist

Seth Denson, President of GDP Advisors and Chief Strategist at Ellerbrock-Norris, has made his life's work to deliver these strategies successfully to those in need. We set out on our joint venture in 2019 and have been building a platform for affordable healthare ever since.

Seth Denson is a Business & Market Analyst, Author, and Entrepreneur. He co-founded one of the nation’s most successful consulting firms and authored the best-selling book, The Cure: A Blueprint for Solving America’s Healthcare Crisis, which takes a deep dive into the business structure of our U.S. healthcare system and how we can reform it while maintaining our free-market. As a regular on-camera contributor, Seth has garnered a national presence while discussing a range of topics including business and economics, politics, faith, and fatherhood.

Visit Seth's website at


Our team works every day to stay up-to-date on health & wellness trends. We do comprehensive research to provide you with a customized process, tailored to your personal life or business. That is the ultimate goal, to provide a process, not sell a product. We want to learn your needs, your struggles and your goals. Building a trustworthy relationship is key.


From the initial set up of your benefits platform to the ongoing strategy, we bring solutions to your team.  We will continually assess your benefits program to align with your goals both personally or in your business. Our focus is getting to know you and your business inside and out, so we can provide you with comprehensive care.


All decisions that are made, will be made within the strategy of your ENCORE Success Plan.  Whether that is achieving your personal goals, or getting and retaining the most talented employees in your industry, it is our job to help you get there!


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