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Ellerbrock-Norris Honored as 'Best Places to Work in Omaha'

Ellerbrock-Norris was named to the "Best Places to Work in Omaha" list on March 17.

The honor is determined via company surveys and benefits analysis by Baird Holmes LLP and is sponsored by the Greater Omaha Chamber. The results were first reported in the Omaha World-Herald.

Ellerbrock-Norris has served Nebraska businesses and families for over 120 years. It’s a holistic risk management firm, providing everything from insurance to employee benefits, commercial safety programs, business exit planning and more.

In 2023, the company and its 55 employees rolled out a brand refresh under the mantra “Protect Your Purpose.” While the external message holds true – the company seeks to help you manage risks around your business and the people in it, your life away from the workplace, and your future retirement goals – Ellerbrock-Norris also sought to deliver that message to their employees.

Ellerbrock-Norris CEO Andy Bassett said there is a difference between companies who provided the “expected benefits” – a competitive group benefits package, community service opportunities, 401(k)matching, office celebrations and regular employee recognition – and those that provide the “unexpected benefits.”

“In 2023 and beyond, we’re focused on protecting our purpose – our people – by providing those unexpected benefits,” Bassett said.

·     The company purchased lunch for each of its employees for the month of September to help as kids went back to school.

·     It gave away over $15,000 worth of prizes at its annual holiday party.

·     It brought in multiple motivational speakers, from a world-renowned leadership coach to a longtime Nebraska football assistant coach.

·     It gave each of its team members a $1,500 surprise bonus to start the new year.

·     It raised over $10,000 to help a local charity purchase a van to transport veterans to the VA hospital for appointments.

“Part of our process as we work with other local businesses is to examine what they are doing from an employee retention and benefits standpoint,” Bassett said. “If we are going to help our clients in that regard, we need to walk the walk ourselves. And the amazing team we have here makes it easy to do that.”

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Download the full PDF