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Ellerbrock-Norris' Safety Network Adds New Leadership, Expands Offering

Ellerbrock-Norris is expanding its ENCORE Safety Network with the addition of Cole Jones, Vice President of Safety, to oversee the program.  

The ENCORE Safety Network, founded in 2020, is a collective of dozens of companies committed to education and advancement of workplace safety. The network is comprised of businesses in construction, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, landscaping and other general industries.  

Members receive online and in-person education and training as it relates to safety policies, OSHA compliance, back-to-work programs, Workers’ Compensation and more.  

“Every business knows safety is important for protecting its people and protecting its bottom line,” Jones said. “The ENCORE Safety Network is a go-to resource for members, not only for education but also for action.”

First priorities for Jones include implementing a 24/7 assistance program for members in the event of OSHA investigations, accident or injury investigations, or major workplace incidents. He also hopes to expand to monthly jobsite audits for members, an on-call consulting program, first aid and CPR training programs and much more.  

“We've made a name for ourselves in the safety education space,” said Elliot Bassett, president of Ellerbrock-Norris. “Cole helps us maintain that reputation, then will take it a step further by physically being there for our clients when it comes to workplace injuries and accidents.”

The ENCORE Safety Network partners with dozens of specialized safety programs, from driving and transportation safety to fire prevention, tourniquet training, on-site physical therapy, OSHA compliance, first aid and CPR, leadership training and more. Jones' experience in the industry working as an on-site safety consultant will help further develop those relationships.

Jones is a combat veteran of the Army and holds the OSHA 510, OSHA 500 and CHST designations. He’s also a certified trainer in CPR and first-aid, confined spaces, powered industrial trucks, and scaffolding and rigging.

“Safety is a broad topic,” Jones said. “The overall direction of the ENCORE Safety Network is to be able to target specific client needs and deliver a program based on those needs, whether it be through online education, partnerships or on-site training.”

Jones also serves as Vice President at SMI Safety, a national safety consulting firm, which will allow him to bring the consulting resources of SMI to Ellerbrock-Norris clients.  

“We have big things in store that we will kick off right away,” Jones said. “I’m excited for the opportunity to build this program, but even more excited for the value we’re able to bring to the clients of Ellerbrock-Norris.”

About Ellerbrock-Norris

Ellerbrock-Norris is a holistic risk management firm headquartered in Nebraska. Founded in 1906, Ellerbrock-Norris has over 60 employees focused on helping clients protect their purpose – their business and the people in it, their families and life outside of work, and their future retirement goals. The company provides holistic risk management through ENCORE – Ellerbrock-Norris Comprehensive Ongoing Risk Evaluation – which looks at risk through various impact areas and creates a strategic, long-term plan to manage those risks. To learn more about Ellerbrock-Norris, visit or email  

About the ENCORE Safety Network

Ellerbrock-Norris' ENCORE Safety Network provides members with the education, resources and training they need to build and maintain a culture of safety. Founded in 2020, the ENCORE Safety Network offers 24/7 support in the event of major incidents, including OSHA investigations or accident and injury investigations. It provides jobsite audits, written policy reviews, and training programs for all things safety and safety leadership. To learn more about the ENCORE Safety Network, visit

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