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Porky Butts BBQ Review: Ribs, Brisket, Burnt Ends & Smoked Chicken

Smoked Chicken
Ribs, Brisket & Burnt Ends
The Full Plate
Me & Porky

It’s me again, FoodOmaha402, and another episode of Real Deal Meals is in the books.  I decided “why not go to the restaurant that is so close to our office?” This mouthwatering restaurant is just north of 156th & Maple. We can smell it and is responsible for filling the air with one of the best food smells ever…barbecue.  So Porky Butts BBQ it is!

When you walk through the doors you can’t help but notice all the trophies aligned on top of the front wall and several big glass trophy cases.  It’s probably comparable to walking into Serena Williams’s house with all her trophies and awards or something like that, lol. Wait…I forgot to warn you…when opening the front door your nostrils will be greeted with the sweet, glorious aroma of Porky Butts BBQ.  If you’ve been to Arrowhead Stadium on game day you know the smell.  

Waiting in line you have a huge stack of firewood to your left just to remind you that you have a crucial BBQ decision to make.  Straight ahead there is large digital menu and another large menu to your right on the wall.  Since I couldn’t decide what I wanted to order I basically ordered everything.  I suppose I kind of blacked out when I put my order in, lol.  I ordered the three-meat plate and went with Burnt Ends, Brisket, and Hickory Smoked Chicken Leg Quarter.  I added three ribs to my order since they allow you to order per bone, so why not?!  I selected the Cheesy Corn w/ Smoked Poblano and Mac N’ Cheese as my two sides.  After you order they give you drink cup and a number for your table, so they know to where to drop off your order.  

Every time I saw a server carrying food from the kitchen my eyes lit up because I was hoping it was mine.  When my order did come to my table, I literally got excited like a little kid in a candy store.  Just looking at the plate of BBQ was a gorgeous sight.  I went right for the chicken quarter.  Incredible.  The thin crisp of the chicken skin was perfect, and the meat was juicy and tender.  Next, I picked up my fork and went for my favorite BBQ item the burnt end.  This little nugget packs so much smokey flavor through the melted down fat and its crunchy bark (thank you to Omaha’s big sister/brother, Kansas City, for putting burnt ends on the BBQ map.)  Next, I put down the fork a grabbed a rib.  Took one bite and never looked back until it was finished.  Last thing I tried from the pick three was the brisket.  It just melts in your mouth, so you keep getting more and more of that tangy goodness.  I sound like a broken record but again the smokey flavor comes through so well.  It’s not overbearing in the slightest.  The meat is so moist and tender.  The cheesy corn w/ smoked poblano and mac & cheese was tasty but its hard to compete in a food review when you start with the all-star.

Porky Butts is one of the best barbecue places in Omaha and should be in every Omahan’s top 3.  Growing up I always thought it was funny how close Omaha and Kansas City are in proximity, but we lacked top-notch BBQ places (that is not a slight to Skeets or Jim’s Rib Haven.)  I thought being so close to KC we’d have a lot of more great barbecue places.  Porky Butts opening in 2019 has elevated our BBQ status as a city, along with a couple other new additions.  If you think differently check out Porky Butts’ resume (since 2013 they have participated in over 130 competitions and have 85 top 10 finishes, 22 Grand Championships in 9 different states, 7 Reserve Grand Championship, and lot more!) If restaurants were NFL players, then Porky Butts would have a Gold Jacket waiting for them in Canton.  

– Neal J. Bierman – FoodOmaha402

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