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So what exactly is ENCORE? This is a question we get asked a lot.

I wanted to discuss a question that we get asked a lot here as risk advisors at Ellerbrock-Norris. The question is... what is ENCORE?

So what is ENCORE? ENCORE is our proprietary program that we walk our clients and business owners through to help identify, analyze, and evaluate risks that present themselves within their business or their personal life. A lot of people think that that's what your insurance programs are meant to do. We believe that there are plenty of risks that present themselves, that the insurance program just isn't going to cover. That's where ENCORE comes into play. 

We aim to understand your business in 10 different areas of risk. We call them Impact Areas. Our ENCORE Risk Advisors work with you in these 10 areas of risk to identify, analyze, and build strategies on how to manage these areas of risk. The ENCORE Success Program isn’t a static plan rather the strategies and solutions used are customized to your unique situation. Your ENCORE Success Program is continuously evaluated to ensure that when change happens to your risk profile, the program changes with you. 

If you have any questions about what ENCORE is or how it fits into your risk profile, reach out to me at I would love to walk you through how we work with different individuals and create an ENCORE program that is specifically for you and your business or your personal life. Talk to you soon!

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Download the full PDF