PLEASE NOTE: As part of the recommended COVID-19 safety precautions Ellerbrock-Norris will be operating as a fully remote team starting 3/18/2020.
All team members will be available via email during this time. You can find team member email addresses on the Our Team page as needed.


Potential Changes to OSHA in the Biden Administration, A FREE Webinar from Ellerbrock-Norris
Ellerbrock-Norris is offering a FREE webinar on December 9th from 10-11am! If you enjoy this webinar, think about joining the ENCORE Safety Network for more events like this.
Promoting A Culture of Safety - The ENCORE Safety Network
The ENCORE Safety Network helps companies build a culture of safety. We do this through an interactive network of safety professionals along with tools, videos, training with leaders in the industry and more!
An unintentional phenomenon is on the rise -- pandemic fatigue.
One-third of Americans are showing signs of depression or anxiety.
Understanding Comprehensive Auto Insurance
Comprehensive auto coverage helps to repair or replace your car if it is stolen or damaged by something other than a collision. Watch this video to learn more.
Understanding Auto Liability Coverage
Auto liability insurance is an important type of auto coverage that pays for the other driver's expenses if you are at fault in an accident. Watch this video to learn more.
Coronavirus and Your Business
Learn about the Coronavirus and your responsibilities as an employer.
DOL Announces Increased Civil Penalties for 2020
On Jan. 15, 2020, the Department of Labor (DOL) released its inflation-adjusted civil penalty amounts for 2020. This Legal Update video provides an overview of the increased penalty amounts.
Top 10 Threats to Small Businesses
Optimism is the fuel that drives the entrepreneurial spirit, so it isn’t surprising that most small business owners consider themselves optimists. Too much optimism, however, can get a small business owner into trouble.
February Insights - Personal Lines
Get the latest news and tips in this month's Personal Lines Newsletter
Benefits of Cyber Liability Insurance
Cyber exposures aren't going away and, in fact, continue to escalate. Businesses need to be prepared in the event that a cyber attack strikes.
Winter Storms & Extreme Cold - Are You Prepared
While the amount of danger from winter weather varies across the country, nearly all Americans, regardless of where they live, are likely to face some type of severe winter weather at some point in their lives.
8 Winter Driving Tips
With snow and ice covering the roads, driving during the winter can pose serious safety concerns. To keep you and your loved ones safe, follow these eight winter driving tips.