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Dinker's Bar & Grill Review: Haystack Burger & Cheeseburger

Haystack Burger from Dinker's
Cheeseburger from Dinker's
Cheeseburger from Dinker's
Chili from Dinker's

It’s me again, FoodOmaha402 and another episode of Real Deal Meals is in the books, and I had so much fun going to an Omaha staple on my last review I decided to go to another one…Dinker’s!  The restaurant is right off the interstate, 480 & Martha street in the heart of the Hanscom park neighborhood.  

I went to Dinker’s on a whim because my oldest childhood friend is on paternity leave, and he could actually get lunch during the week.  I guess when you operate heavy machinery it’s frowned upon to take a longer lunch with some beers… joking!  

When you are walking from the neighborhood you can’t help but notice the gorgeous mural on the on the south side of the brick building and walking to front of building the simple, straight forward iconic sign reading “OMAHA’S BEST BURGER”.  Bold statement but how does that saying go…fortune favors the bold or something like that.  When you enter through the doors the bar is off to your right and has around 10 seats with three TV’s in front of you.  All the table seating is to the left all the way back to the end of the dining area.  

I haven’t been to Dinker’s in a very long time so I forgot the SOP…the Standard Operating Procedure.  There are no menus on the table just the condiments.  I took an old keno sheet thinking it could be the menu looking like an amateur that has never been to Dinker’s.  I told my friend I was hungry; he didn’t say a word and got up and starting walking to the back of the restaurant.  As you walk to back of the restaurant the cooking area is open for everyone to see and the cooks are grinding away trying to get out orders as fast as possible and to the left are tables and on this day a table with Creighton basketball coach Greg McDermott and some other Creighton players and coaches.  Also, the owners of Dinker’s were helping flip burgers and running orders out to the tables -- love it!  You order at the back end of the kitchen.  The menu is old school. It’s a big menu sign hanging on the wall in the kitchen.  I placed my order and noticed the big sign that says “Cash Only” so keep in mind everyone, don’t forget to bring cash when going to Dinker’s.  Luckily, my friend picked up my tab which reminds me, Jim, I will Venmo you tonight….my bad.  

The food came out very quick.  I ordered the Haystack Burger with onion rings.  The Haystack burger has honey smoked ham, fried egg, and cheese.  They ask if you want lettuce, tomato, onion, & mayo and I said NOOOOO MAYO.  I got right to business and took the first bite.  I noticed the bun was pretty thick but was great because it wasn’t too dense or too fluffy.  Right away I could taste the honey ham and fried egg which I was hoping for.  As you’re happily chomping away you can tell the burger is made fresh daily in house and never frozen.  I like my burger a little over medium and it was cooked just how I liked it per my request.  Next, I take a handful of onion rings.  Now, this caught be off guard.  I had no idea how amazing their onion rings are.  I just wanted a couple rings and thought I was going to get back to my burger but nope, guess it was half time break and onion rings were the halftime show.  I finished the onion rings then finished the burger.  Forgot to mention my beverage was just pitcher of draft beer.  

Walking out of Dinker's I realized why they have such a loyal following and many regulars.  The atmosphere is salt of the earth.  You can feel the happy, good vibe energy when you are at Dinker’s.  When I was eating and looking around at the patrons you see police officers, businessmen & women, construction workers, Creighton basketball coaches & players and everyone is happy doing their thing enjoying time with loved ones and friends.  Thanks for reading and as always: be safe and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do

– Neal J. Bierman – FoodOmaha402

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